Developing Self Reflective Based Learning Strategies as a module in Teaching Listening

  • Diah Astuty Universitas Islam Lamongan
  • Abdullah Farih Universitas Islam Lamongan
Keywords: Self-Reflective strategies, EFL, L2 listening


This study aims to construct a module in teaching listening for TOEFL specifically on Part B and Part C. The Self Reflective strategies would be applied as strategies in teaching listening for EFL learners. The strategies would assist the EFL learners to learn how to reflect their learning process individually and it would encourage the EFL learners to assess their comprehension and understanding in learning L2 listening. The study would focus on a) describing the use of self-reflection strategies applied on TOEFL module in order to help the EFL learners to understand the content of L2 listening materials, b) describing the use of self-reflection strategies applied on the module, c) describing the EFL learners’ increased comprehension on the L2 listening materials by using self-reflective strategies, d) describing the implementation of self-reflective based instructional design used in the prototype learning module. The interview would be applied to explore the EFL learners’ interests and problems while they’re implementing self-reflective strategies in learning L2 listening and their problems in using the module. The revision would be applied to the module based on the second interview and questionnaires’ results. The module would be constructed at the basic level.


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